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The Healthy Hip Hop movement carries a mission to empower today’s young audience to make positive changes to their everyday lives! Using Healthy Hip hop music, technology and live engagement we promote education, healthy food choices, exercise, teamwork and positive social interaction.

The national average rate for high school dropouts is currently at 59% and childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 3o years. It is imperative that we continue to give children an opportunity to have access to a positive influence and messaging such as Healthy Hip Hop, at an early age.


Healthy Hip Hop is a multi award-winning children's recording and performing group. They are recognized for their up-tempo, interactive concerts with popular beats that invite their entire audience to actively participate; sing, dance, laugh, and have lots of fun. Our themed concert engages in creative learning through catchy songs, music, movement and a message!

Each 30 to 60-minute production is available for family events, schools, festivals, daycares and themed programs. You may choose our original Music & Magic show or allow us to design a performance specifically to enhance your events specific theme. Concerts are quoted based on 1 or 2 performers, in addition to travel and lodging if applicable.


In the tradition of the most captivating presentations, Healthy Hip Hop shares with participants their journey, passion and dedication to children's education. Their energizing, interactive style and ability to connect with their audiences have been widely accepted throughout the world of education. Their enthusiasm is contagious, their energy is electrifying and their spirited humor will keep the entire audience involved and engaged.

Healthy Hip Hop is recognized by such accredited organizations as SHAPE America, The LeBron James Family Foundation, MLB, NFL, Boys & Girls Club and their affiliate organizations across the nation. They support "Healthy Music and Positive messaging for a Child's Heart, Mind & Body!" with their presentations designed to inspire, inform and entertain. Everyone will be encouraged to participate and involve themselves first-hand, openly and creatively.

Participation will be a blend of small group demonstration, entire audience and as individuals. There will be ample opportunities offered for everyone to share, reflect and respond.

Each presentation will be customized specifically for early childhood educators (ages 0-5), lower elementary teachers (ages 5-8) or Physical Education & After-School Programs (ages preschool - 5th grade).


Keynote/Feature Presentation (concert style):
30-60 minutes

Workshop: 60-90 minutes

Seminar: Available as a combination of more than one workshop.

Complete conference packages are available upon request and are designed to meet the specific needs and goals of your event and theme. They include your choice of a keynote/feature presentation and workshops. Special conference incentives include a percentage of Healthy Hip Hop product sales made throughout your conference donated to your organization.

Price quotes are based upon one or two presenters.

We understand that all conference events have different needs and requirements. Email Holler@Healthy.HipHop and allow our educational professionals to design an entire conference package that best suites your events specific needs.